John Blackwood


Former VPD Cptn. John Norman Blackwood
Race: Human (???)
Born: July 5, 2957 AF (age 60), Robertsmoor (Kingsplain), Galsbury
Nationality: Galsburg-Buldanese (holds dual citizenship)
Occupation: Police Captain/Town Sheriff



The Town’s police department captain. Blackwood was born and raised in a farm in Robertsmoor, the third of seven brothers. Right after finishing highschool he enlisted in the military and served in Dead War II, where he became a decorated soldier as part of the Royal Ranger Regiment (aka The Queen’s 75th). His status as a warrior is legendary, and it is perhaps why he left his country to live in Valpurgia, where few people are privy to his military past. Up until a few months ago, he had been pursuing a peaceful yet busy life as the Captain of the Valpurgia Police Department, committed to protect and serve the people of the town. During the last three weeks, his behavior took a subtle turn, becoming quiet and contemplative. Everyone just assumed something happened in his personal life and did not make much of a problem out of it, since his work did not suffer any setbacks.

In the morning of September 29th, 3017, Cpn. Blackwood, along with about 13 officers of the VPD and 7 more civilians all armed themselves and stormed the Valpurgia Police Station, taking most of the weapons and ammunition cache with them, injuring 3 fellow officers and killing 2. They left for Valpurg Forest using five patrol vehicles and setting fire to the remaining 4, as well as disrupting the town’s wave network and engaging in another firefight just outside of town with two travel caravans, killing 17 more people. It wasn’t long until the townsfolk realized that 15 children from all over town had disappeared alongside Blackwood. Most believe he kidnapped them.

John Blackwood

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