Buldanese dragonborn are (for the most part) split between two different clans: The Dráugr and the Wind Walkers.


The Dráugr are a jingoist draconic society made up of Feuryan descendants and stranded soldiers from the Dragon Siege of Union who escaped North after their defeat. Not comprising a particular ethnicity per se, they nonetheless have the common goal to restore a draconic state that could at some point challenge and conquer the rest of the region.

Dráugr society is ruthless and militaristic. While adherent to hierarchy, those in power constantly abuse their authority and those below will not tolerate any weakness on their leaders’ part, preying on them if they show any kind of hesitation. Cannibalism is a common practice, and they obtain most of their resources through raiding and pillaging.

Most Dráugr worship Kalderan, an ancient Red Dragon said to sleep deep beneath Mount Varlang. They believe that when he reawakens it’ll mark the time of reckoning, and under his rule they will conquer Buldan. A minority within their ranks secretly worship Tiamat.

Dráugr employ a combination of stolen firearms from raids, melee weapons and draconic technology salvaged from the Siege of Union, and are known to be in possession of at least one Wyvern and several Kuo-toa spawn pods, providing them with an army of considerable size. They organize raids to traveling caravans and settlements across the region, with varying degrees of success. The fact that they are basically at war with everyone else results in a great numerical disadvantage, as other tribes and species will often set their differences aside when it comes to fighting the Dráugr.

New Background: Former Dráugr

Prerequisites: dragonborn

You were once part of the Dráugr clan, and aided them in their campaign for conquest and genocide. However at some point, either by a sudden attack of conscience or a perceived misdeed on your part, you escaped from the clan’s clutches before they could find you, for betraying the clan means death.


Skill Proficiencies. Athletics, Intimidate
Tool Proficiencies. One type of gaming set, vehicles (land)
Equipment. Rank scar insignia, trophy taken from a slain enemy (a dagger, bag of teeth, broken blade, etc.), pouch containing 2d6 gp.
Languages. Draconic, one other language of your choice.

Feature: Draconic Conoisseur

You are familiarized with draconic technology recovered from the Dragon Siege of Union. Be it vehicles such as airships or how to disable Kuo-toa spawn pods, you don’t need to make Intelligence ability checks to understand how they work. Additionally, you have advantage on saving throws against dragons’ frightful pressence.

Wind Walkers

Not much is known about the Wind Walkers. Their most notable characteristic is that they seem to have the ability to “ride the wind” as many people put it. Their nimbleness and physical appearance betray a very specific draconic ancestry.

Wind Walkers are tall and lithe, their scales long and silky, almost resembling white to golden feathers. The carry a graceful, regal bearing, and their facial features are exquisite and aerodynamic. Males have ornate black horns which stick close to their heads, giving them the appearance of a crown. Females have long feathery crests, which go from white to gold and then to red.

Not very much is known about the Wind Walkers and their customs. Most of the contact they have with other tribes and races comes through trade, with the notable exception of the Dráugr clan, which they will engage in combat on sight. It’s very likely that the Wind Walkers live in the Shakhor forest, but it’s not clear where exactly.

Apparently most of the Wind Walkers worship Bahamut. There is some talk also about them worshiping spirits called the Anemoi, which are considered wind elementals, but it’s mostly conjecture.

Trade & Relations
Wind Walkers will trade with just about anyone except the Dráugr. Their main trades are silk, honey, furs, nuts, seeds, ranged weapons (bows, crossbows), and leather.

Wind Walkers use their mobility to their advantage, never relying on mounts even if other enemies do, though they do breed drakes both for hunting and for combat. They employ guerrilla tactics and their best warriors make use of rudimentary Vrill-based weaponry, implying they are at the least resilient to Vrill radiation.

Racial Traits

Note: These dragonborn traits replace those of the dragonborn entry in the 5E PHB, except where noted.

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 2, and your Charisma score increases by 1.
Age. Same as the Dragonborn in the PHB.
Draconic Ancestry. You have resistance to Lightning and Cold damage. You don’t posses a breath weapon, though.
Ride the Wind. As a bonus action, you gain a fly speed of 60 feet for up to one minute. You can spread this time in bouts throughout the day. You can also use your reaction while falling to cast Feather Fall on yourself. Doing so spends your minute of fly speed. You have to spend a short or long rest to be able to use this feature again.
Vrill Immunity. You are immune to Vrill radiation.
Languages. Same as the Dragonborn in the PHB.


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