Tovolsk is a fort-settlement located right at the south-eastern edge of Valpurg Forest.

Originally set up as a military outpost in 3011 to deal with the Dráugr thriving at Mount Varlang, it is know a fort-town that branched into several other outposts through Valpurg Forest, with Tovolsk being the main headquarters and resource distributor. Most of the town’s residents are either soldiers or their families.

Tovolsk was originally built as a military outpost and has since been reinforced to function as a fort. It has thick stone walls, perimeter defenses such as turrets and sniper posts, and three heavy-duty, deep-recon drones at its disposal. Tovolsk is fed by an underground waterway connecting with Kadal river, although this one was built as part of the fort and is not as massive as Valpurgia’s ancient waterway.

Tovolsk has town-wide electricity, waterway services and a wave network covering itself and the towns of Valpurgia and Krosvurg, as well as a long distance send network. Its scrybox service issues detailed reports on weather conditions, resource availability and monster density in wild areas, as well as two local entertainment channels (Valp TV and Wave-5, respectively).

The town has a military hospital geared towards treating severe trauma and emergency situations, but most patients are sent to Valpurgia’s General Hospital for their recovery or more specific illnesses.

Tovolsk has very little in terms of trade since it depends on more commercial towns such as Valpurgia to obtain their goods but weapons, armor and basic produce such as potatoes, carrots and legumes are available, as well as meat.

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