Valpurgia is a settlement located just around the edges of the Buldanese region known as Tarr-Kurgo, and is the connecting point with all other settlements in the region.

Valpurgia was founded in the year 2972 by Rumeskan refugees and war veterans hailing from several Olterran countries such as Galsbury, Rodina Drov and Khitrovia. The town itself is said to rest over an ancient waterway network that connects to the Kadal River.

Valpurgia has town-wide electricity, waterway services and a wave network covering itself and the towns of Tovolsk and Krosvurg. Its scrybox service issues detailed reports on weather conditions, resource availability and monster density in wild areas, as well as two local entertainment channels (Valp TV and Wave-5, respectively).

Valpurgia is the only settlement in the region to possess a general hospital, and it has a town police force with military capability. Two precincts oversee the entirety of the town.

Valpurgia is a border town and most tribal goods in the region are made available. In addition modern weaponry, vehicles, advanced medical supplies, small electronics and telecommunication assets are also available, among other services.

Places of Interest
Valpurgia has several places of interest in which adventurers and mercenaries can find a place to rest and job opportunities. Among notable places, we can find the following:

• The Rain Dog Jr.: Adventurers’ go to bar when it comes to having a cold drink, making contacts and hopefully getting jobs. The bar features a Wanted board and an Odd Job board for anyone brave enough to undertake any of the job offers listed. Not everything is business though! There is also pleasure in the form of fine food & drink, live music and the occasional brawl. The original Rain Dog bar was founded in Lagarto City (Dragon’s Pass) by Venria Wallace. Rain Dog Jr. is ran by her cousin, metaphysician/philosopher Faora Wallace.

• Locke’s Vault: The most popular pawn shop for monster parts and other goods obtained from adventuring, sell-swords come from all over Tarr-Kurgo to sell the spoils of their jobs and gain favor within the guilds. It has ranking boards, materials catalog, and very attractive offers for anyone looking for a special asset or weapon to compliment their performance.

• Valpurgia Town Library: Flaunting the biggest public library in all of Buldan, Valpurgia’s town library houses more than seven thousand books of several different categories including popular literature, history, science, thaumaturgy and religion. The library is ran and categorized by members of Buldan’s Cultural Conservatory, a region-spanning organization concerned with the proper care and conservation of Buldan’s cultural heritage and historical record. The library has a small Event Hall where several different groups join every week:

- Tuesdays: We Survivors, 1930 hrs — A support group for Dead War II, Union Siege veterans and refugees of any race, nationality or creed. You’re not alone, and you’re not expendable! We are here for you. W E S U R V I V E !

- Wednesdays: Valpurgia Local Writers’ Guild Workshop, 1830 hrs — Writers, novelists and journalists meet to network, exchange stories and provide feedback for each other. There’s free coffee!

- Thursdays: Valpurgia Historical Society Weekly Meeting, 2100 hrs — Discussion on the conservation of Valpurgia’s historical landmarks, local events organization and community projects. MEMBERS ONLY – If you wish to apply see Prof. Vlad Leopoldovich for admission protocols.

- Saturdays: Mighty Vasilisa Single’s Club, 2130 hrs — Are you lonely? Want to find that special someone or just have a nice, warm conversation? Drop by and take the chance to meet new, different people. We have coffee and small desserts. Give love a chance!

• Varso & Koslova, PCL: The local legal practice in Valpurgia, this growing establishment handles most of the legal matters involving mercenaries and adventurers including property damage charges, guild disputes and all kinds of permits. The firm is ran by Jakob Varso and Yelena Koslova.

• Tony’s Arms & Gear: For four generations TA&G has been one of the most complete, resourceful businesses when it comes to acquiring adventuring gear, weapons and ammunition. Their constantly updated variety, paired with good customer service and professionalism make them very popular among mercenaries and often times they make sales deals with Locke’s Vault to keep the customers coming and going. Tony’s Arms sells all of the adventuring gear in the equipment section of the D&D 5E PHB.


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