Dimitri Luzhin


VPD Detective Sgt. Dimitri “The Vamp” Luzhin
Race: Half-elf
Born: December 12, 2980 AF (age 37), New Krasnogorje (Kathava County), Rodhina Drov
Nationality: Rodhra/Buldanese (holds dual citizenship)
Occupation: Police Detective

Detective Luzhin had been described by his peers as gentle, agreeable, but highly intelligent and cunning. His best skill was his ability to “read people like an open book”, which has helped him solve many challenging cases. After his wife’s suicide however, he became increasingly withdrawn and sullen, turning to alcohol to drown his grief. Upon returning to active duty 9 months after his wife’s death he remained somber, and pursued his cases with silent determination. Even now his fellow officers claim he remains essentially “a good man.”

Det. Luzhin is a Unitarian Christian. He had always enjoyed alcohol, but only became a problem after his wife’s death. He likes reading detective novels which he claims were how he got the idea to become a police officer after the war. He is allergic to garlic which coupled with his pale skin earned him the nickname of “Vamp”.


Officer Domasevich’s long-time partner. Luzhin is a Dead War II veteran and belonged to the Iron Cavalry & Reconnaisance Group of the Rodhra Republican Army. Highly decorated, he retired to Valpurgia in an effort to rebuild his life after the war with his wife Marissa. After 13 long years working as a detective for the Valpurgia Police Department, on March 17th of 3015, his wife Marissa locked herself in the bathroom, placed Det. Luzhin’s hunting rifle inside her mouth and pulled the trigger. His wife’s suicide effectively destroyed Dimitri’s life and the two following years saw him in a downward spiral of depression and alcoholism. Thanks to Det. Domasevich’s help, he began making a recovery slowly but surely within the past 6 months.

He had, however, been acting strange since a couple of weeks. Domasevich fears he might have relapsed into substance abuse, but Luzhin has adamantly denied it. More so, he had confided in Det. Domasevich that he now believes his wife was murdered, and that he had a suspect.

Det. Luzhin disappeared two days before Sheriff Blackwood went rogue.

Dimitri Luzhin

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