Natalya Yurinov


Natalya Vasilisa Borisovna Yurinov
Race: Human (Augmented)
Born: November 9, 2992 AF (age 25), Torkisvanya Base (Ural), Rumeska
Nationality: Rumeskan
Occupation: Bartender/Information Broker/Artificer

Natalya is a no-nonsense, practical type of person, although she displays good social skills when she needs to obtain information from others. She possesses visual eidetic memory, and has a passion for robotics and engineering, which is where most of the money she earns via her information service goes to. It is quite likely she has tried experimental cybernetic augmentations on herself, maybe even her father. She has gone on to say on several occasions that should her mother ever show up, she’d kill her before her father could even lay eyes on her.

Natalya is Agnostic. She likes old 2980’s-2990’s arc projections and has a dedicated library of such recordings which she constantly plays in the background when working at her home workshop. She maintains a good relationship with her father although they agreed to live on separate homes (they are next door neighbors). She has a weakness for Orcs and Half-orcs. Her favorite bands are GorkMork, Illithid, The Rawbones and the Pit Fiends.


Natalya is a military brat, born and raised close to the Rumeskan-Buldanese border by her father Boris after her mother Yulia left them both. She developed a great reputation as a mechanic and learned basic robotics working closely with her father, a combat engineer himself. She and her dad moved to Valpurgia 5 years ago where she almost immediately took her job as a bartender at The Rain Dog Jr. During these past five years she has built alongside Dr. Essen a vast contact network which spans Valpurgia, Krosvurg and Tovolsk, using the local wave and send networks and connecting with larger international networks thanks to her technological savvy. She runs a small digital library/forum by the name of Occam’s Greatsword, which is maintained by her and her father. The forum mainly focuses on the paranormal and the occult, as well as popular conspiracy theories, a subject which greatly interests Boris.

Natalya Yurinov

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