Drow in Buldan are commonly either from Rodhra or Rumeskan nationality.


The Rodhra drow ethnicity hails from the Rodina Drov Federation, a sovereign state which borders with Buldan to the southwest, and helped protect the land from the armies of the dead during Dead Wars I and II. They are a proud nation famous for their merciless cold weather, their superb horse-riding skills and the wild fire in their hearts to keep them warm.

Rodhra Drow are stocky thought their heights have a wide range depending on the region. Their skin is of a dark, somewhat blue-ish grey and their hair goes from beige to very pale golden, and their eyes are of an amber, almost honey like color. Males usually have strong noses and abundant facial hair, and take pride in their moustaches, which they groom and style with utmost care, while females let their hair grow as long as possible, and likewise take care of with unwavering devotion.

Rodhra drow have a strong communal spirit, and it reflects in large families and extended family units which mingle and help each other. Males and females have very specific and deeply rooted gender roles, though there are roles that both genders not only can, but must fulfill. Indeed, if a rodhra, male or female, cannot ride and dance, he/she is considered an untrustworthy person, or someone with bad luck.

Religion is a ver divisive topic among Rodhra. Many Rodhra follow the relatively recent (by their standards) trend of nationalistic secularism which rejects “spiritual belief and superstition” in favor of reason and progress, while many others spouse animistic belief systems such as The Jury of the Thousand Saints and the Seelie Courts. A very small minority of Rodhra follow any of the numerous traditions the Unitarian Church of Christ has to offer, though they usually complement it with either of the aforementioned animistic beliefs.

Trade & Relations

Zsylf elves trade with most racial groups except for the Brakko, the Kurgan and the Dráugr, though they can set aside their differences with the former two if they have to fight the latter. Their main trades are dry meat, fur, rough textiles, seeds and spices. An especially desperate tribe might trade one or two of their horses, but this is rare.

Zsylf elves are specialized skirmishers and make devastating use of their horse-riding skills and firearm marksmanship. When cornered into melee they favor slashing hybrid weapons such as kukris and falcatas. When a zsylf elf reaches adulthood, he/she is awarded with a rifle and a horse, which they must care for as if they were an extension of their own flesh.
Sub-racial Traits

Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 1.
Elf Weapon Training. You gain proficiency with the falcata, kukri, hunting rifle, longbow and shortbow.
Elven Rider Training. You gain proficiency in the Animal Handling skill.
Languages. You can speak, read and write Gaelic (official fey language) and Sylvan.


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